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How do I get started?

To sign up or sign in, you'll want to head to the Start page. From here, you can put in your email address and get a one-time Pass that will be emailed to you. If you already have an account, the pass will sign you in. If you don't, you'll see our sign up page where you can enter your unique username and sign up. You're all ready to go!

You cannot change your username, so choose carefully!

How do I create a post?

The easiest way to create a post is to use the Link this bookmark. To get the bookmark and learn more, go to the Post page.

How do I use the arrows?

Filtering and searching can be tricky: when I click on something, do I just want that value as my search or do I want it added to my existing query? Thus wayfinding: a UI experiment for trying to de-complexify search. Green up arrows are for adding a parameter to your search. Red down arrows are for removing a parameter from your search. The up and down arrows for switching from newest to oldest and vice versa.

How do I get notifications?

A ping is a simple notification to let you know that something has happened, specifically if you've been mentioned, followed, or somebody has discussed one of your posts. You can see your pings by visiting thie Pings page and scrolling through them in reverse chronological order.

If the "Menu" in the site navigation or the "Pings" in the site menu are pulsing, that means you have unread pings that will be marked as read when you visit the page. New Pings are checked for every five minutes.

How do I leave feedback?

I would love to hear your feedback. Create an account and head over to the feedback page.